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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Listen to and Learn Haitian Creole Online Free

Book sample and audio files provided by author/producer for free

Listen to the "...Quick Haitian Creole Grammar Ref. audio" right here if the above audio is unavailable

Get the first 6 chapters of "The Definitive Quick Haitian Creole Grammar Reference Audio" for FREE.You can always purchase the CD that accompanies this book below.

Sign up for a DropBox account to be able to listen to this audio for free!

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You can listen to all three audio versions/all 14 chapters of the book by purchasing your access now. A link will be emailed to you so you can listen to the book on or a DropBox app on your phone or iPad. Make sure you sign up for a free account.

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Producer's Creole Audio Prime

Purchase a copy of "Quick Haitian Creole Grammar Reference" (Textbook only) from AmazonKindle now as a Kindle ebook.

Purchase a copy of "Quick Haitian Creole Grammar Reference (Textbook only) from Barnes and Noble as a Nook Book.

Purchase a copy of "The Definitive Quick Haitian Creole Grammar Reference" from right here

Purchase the accompanying CDs for this book: Listen to the audiobook in your car

Disc ID: 6069

Disc Name: Quick Haitian Creole Grammar Audiobook Part 2- Purchase CD to Listen to Chapters 1-11 from “The Definitive Quick Haitian Creole Grammar Reference” Audiobook Buy Now From CCNow



Disc ID: 6068

Disc Name: The Definitive Quick Haitian Creole Grammar Audiobook: Purchase CD to Listen to Chapters 12-14 from “The Definitive Quick Haitian Creole Grammar Reference” Audiobook Buy Now From CCNow



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