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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ann Pale Kreyol Audio or Ann Pale Yon Kreyol Audio

Product ID: 3133
Product Name: Ann Pale Yon Ti Kreyol CD - Ann Pale Kreyol Audio

Ann Pale Yon Ti Kreyol CD is adapted from the textbook," Ann Pale Yon Ti Kreyol"

Buy Now From CCNow



Product ID: 3122
Product Name: 3122: Learn Haitian Creole in one Week CD

Learn Haitian Creole in One Week CD uses the textbook, "Learn Haitian Creole in One Week"

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Purchase a "copy of "Ann Pale Kreyol Audio: Ann Pale Yon Ti Kreyol CD now

Support independent publishing: Buy this disc on Lulu.

Support independent publishing: Buy this disc on Lulu.

If you did not have the textbook, you can obtain it from Kindle Direct Publishing or AmazonKindle now:

Purchase this book right at Kindle Direct Publishing: Ann Pale Yon Ti Kreyol


Learn Creole Quickly - Aprann Kreyol Vit

Netwaye - to clean up, to clean

Sal - to get dirty, to dirty

Ranmase - to pick up

Example: Netwaye apre ou fin jwe - clean up after you are done playing

Bese vwa ou / bese vwa w - Lower your voice

Pale dousman - speak slowly

M songje ou anpil - I miss you a lot

Koute kreyol - Listen to Creole

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